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If you long to engage with others who are passionate about what's happening to our planet, and to immerse yourself in a depth perspective, please join the 6-week symposium and fundraiser for Depth Psychology Alliance, featuring:—12 expert interviews with depth psychologists, psychotherapists, scientist, anthropologists and educators, plus —written transcripts and —6 weekly online video discussion groupsSliding scale from $179 to $29 for approximately 18 hours of content, additional articles from the presenters, and much more:Presenters include:Steve Aizenstat Jerome Bernstein Michael Conforti Susan Rowland Jeffrey Kiehl Robert Romanyshyn Veronica Goodchild Susannah Benson Erel Shalit Sally Gillespie Jonathan Marshall Nancy Swift FurlottiPlease join guest hosts Toko-pa Turner and Mark Sipowicz with Symposium Creator, Bonnie Bright, and others starting January 19 to support Depth Psychology Alliance while engaging the world with soul: //

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