Digital interactions are best thought of as the ancient orators

greetings – dear all, reading David’s response and reflecting back on Jean’s long postings too, it occurs to me that what we might want to focus on in terms of group communication via email is that it is not the same as written papers being presented, and then discussed face-to-face : it’s a collection of voices set out, including typos and digressions, etc.

Unlike David i’ve had really good interactions online (I work with writers and that is primarily how we communicate these days). digital interactions are best thought of as the ancient orators thought of their communications, written down speech. the voice predominates with all the nuance and emotional contact hanging out. it’s a different ‘literary’ form in that way.

Jean gives us background of the sunny day and the sense of her surroundings – something to print up and reflect on. would she sit in front of us and say all that? or discuss a paper in person in that fullsome, literary way? she’d start a flight of description such as this, and then perhaps, note that people were distracted by their cell phones or flicking their eyes down to their own papers or tie a shoelace, and she’d curtail it. i’d propose that’s how cyberspace communication operates.

blogs are something else again too – and there voices in flight can be accommodated since we go there specifically to indulge our passion for a particular style of articulation. those of us who are recipeints of Joel’s blogs will recognise what i say here: blogs may include text triggered by timely event, but they can be re-read and aren’t necessarily intended for interactions such as we attempt to have on our forum. just a thought to throw in here.

voices are individual and reactions take on board all the vibes you pick up abt the personality and thought processes coloured by feeling, and in the heat of the moment. that’s a forum – very satisfying it can be too. irksome but exhilarating too, it was something Marybeth was starting to talk about as well, best, Leslie Gardner

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