I would like to contribute to this discussion…

Thank you to Executive Committee:
If after reading some other responses I have anything fit to offer.

Marybeth’s Introduction started well – with her sunny physical location.

However, I quickly ran into trouble. “ … each of us approaches our cyberspace-based work physically grounded”.  Am I “physically grounded”? Not at all sure. I often live too much in my head & fantasy world. But does she just mean we all live as physical beings in time and space?

More trouble to come: “In relation to the interface of the individual and the group, what is the experience of being bounded, psychologically or materially in-person, or unbounded, connected through cyberspace?”
Is this asking: “Do you feel restricted by relating to other people through the internet, instead of face-to-face?”  “Or do you, instead, perhaps feel released by it?”  Or is something more subtle, technical, and difficult, being asked?

“Interface” always irritates me when used about human beings, but I am not nit-picking about style. It’s clarity of content I’m after.

Thank you.

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