It is not that we engage with our differences, it is how we engage.

Dear Matt,

Thank you very much for your post. I found it both frustrating and delightful! Lots of energy. At the moment my phase of the seminar has passed and we have moved on to connect to and respond to Jean Lall’s very good paper. I think that your comments could be connected to her paper readily. For example, it is not that we engage with our differences, it is how we engage. In Jean’s paper she describes a manner of engagement she experienced at Johns Hopkins University. Now, the difference between that form of engagement and what takes place on this list serve is quite interesting. Does it have to do with our cyberspace container? Does it have to do with the diversity of our backgrounds? Does it have to do with our not having a shared foundational language grounded in a single discipline? And, if the latter has something to do with it, which I think it does, can that be linked to certain individualistic attitudes as well as our pre-paradigmatic status?

Please read Jean’s paper and engage with the same concentration that you offered mine, your contribution is quite helpful.

Warm regards,

Peter Dunlap

PS I agree wholeheartedly with the first part of your post about sameness and difference. The book you cited sounds excellent! I will respond more thoroughly to your post next week.

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