Jung frequently denies 'absoluteness' but the tone & impact…

Dear Scott,
I appreciated this contribution – enormously. It is at pains to respond in discriminating detail, & with empathic sensitivity, to the two ‘book-ending’ contributors … Peter and Jean. Thank you for putting the particulars onto what I dealt with via generalising swipes with the brush. I find agreement, but you with the patience, & greater care and intelligence.

I especially appreciated your brief biographical run-down. It always helps but is hard to do with accuracy as well as brevity. And also, re: Jung, that you “struggled with the absoluteness of it”. Yes. Jung frequently denies ‘absoluteness’ but the tone & impact often say otherwise. And there is Jungian theory, therapy, training, Jungians, post-Jungians, & so on.

With considerable personal thanks,
Judith Keyston

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