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Cedrus Monte, PhD dipl. “Image-making was for centuries a sacred act. It still is in cultures that keep these traditions alive. Simply described, an energy desiring form begins to unfold in the materials used to construct the figure. The energies needing to become conscious, both in the maker and perhaps even in the immediate world-at-large, start their slow and steady release into clay, paint, metal. Once finished, these energies are reflected back to the maker to become a more conscious part of the psyche.

As a work of art, when the figure is finished, viewers of the piece can also be touched by the energy the figure embodies, catalyzing that quality in the lives of those who come into the figure’s presence.”

To access the complete text and a fuller description of the images, please click here  Although I no longer teach this process, preferring to make the images privately for exhibits and individuals, the following link leads to a published article describing the process.  

Cedrus Monte, PhD dipl.,
is a Diplomate Jungian Analyst practicing in Zurich, Switzerland, coming originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a member of ISAP, AGAP and IAAP. For other projects and further information please visit my site here.