Journal Articles

  • Asia Pacific Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy – Using
    myths, legends and fairy tales in counselling: Archetypal motifs underlying
    the mother complex.
    Mark Greene a Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Counselling and Psychology, Hong Kong, Hong Kong. Online publication date: 13 February 2011  Download the abstract here


  • Dr. Stephen Diamond is a clinical and forensic psychologist in LA and the author of Anger, Madness, and the Daimonic: The Psychological Genesis of Violence, Evil, and Creativity. – A Response to “My LIfe in Therapy”: Daphne Merkin’s Long and Difficult “Education in Disillusioned Realism”- Who Are We Really? : C.G. Jung’s “Split Personality” – Freud, Jung and their Complexes – UFO’s, Close Encounters, and the Cry for Meaning
  • The Gift
    of the Unknown: Freud(ians) and Jung(ians) at the
    End of Modernity by David Tacey
  • Carl
    Jung and Thomas Merton by
    David Henderson
  • Jung
    and the Neo-Pagan Movement by David Waldron &
    Sharn Waldron
  • Myth,
    Shadow Politics, and Perennial Philosophy in “Minority
    Report” by
    Cathleen Rountree
  • Peace
    Has a Price by Douglas Canterbury-Counts
  • Revisioning
    Incarnation: Jung On The Relativity Of God by John
    P. Dourley
  • Jung
    and New Age: A Study in Contrasts by David Tacey
  • Jung,
    Myth and Biography by Susan A. Rowland
  • Mixed
    Metaphors and Narrative Shifts: Archetypes by Raya
    A. Jones
  • Religion,
    Science and Synchronicity by Dr. Roderick Main
  • Violence
    as Secular Evil: Forensic Evaluation and Treatment
    of Violent Offenders … by Stephen A. Diamond