Forthcoming conference from the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies:

Please see the attached poster for our forthcoming conference from the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies:
Why the Mainstream Needs its Margins: The Function of the Marginalised in Psyche and Society

  • Could a centre exist without its margins?
  • What do we project onto the margins?
  • What is the nature of moral panic?

This one-day conference brings together sociological, historical and psychoanalytic perspectives to examine the margins as a symptom of so-called ‘normal’ identity.

Panels on:

  • What Happened to Deviance?
  • Immigration: Fantasies and Realities
  • Panic, Trauma and Making Enemies
  • Marginalising the Fear of Madness

Simon Clarke (UwE), Jeffrey Murer (St Andrews), Colin Samson (Essex), Karl Figlio (Essex), David Millar (NEPFT NHS), Eamonn Carrabine (Essex), Naz Keval (Essex), Tim Dartington (Tavistock Institute), Joan Busfield (Essex), Jane Francis (Changing Faces), Aaron Balick (Essex), Shohini Chaudhuri (Essex)

When: Saturday, 13 November 2010
9.30-6pm, Lecture Theatre Building 3,
University of Essex
Cost: £55 for the day (£35 students/unwaged)

For booking and registration contact Debbie Stewart:
Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies,
University of Essex, T 01206 873640
Wivenhoe Park, F 01206 872746
Colchester C04 3SQ

Download the PDF flyer here: