Chiron Publishing

Jungian Resources

On these pages new, and forthcoming titles on Jungian
topics. Most are from Chiron Publications, an important publisher
specializing in books on analytical psychology inspired by and extending
the work of Dr. Carl Jung. These books explore the psychology of
religion, mythology, literature, and feminism, some of which are
translations of seminal works in Jungian psychology.


Chiron Publishing

Chiron Publications was founded in 1983. Our initial publications were in “The Chiron Clinical Series,” originating in seminars given at the “Ghost Ranch Conference” in New Mexico. These focused upon the intersection of Jungian and other psychoanalytic approaches to clinical practice. This link between different ways of viewing psychic life — hence the name “Chiron, the centaur who bridges different orders of existence — was extended to our ongoing series of books that emphasize Jungian approaches to mythology, literature, clinical practice, religion, feminism, literature, fairy tales, and gender issues.

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