Education From the Heart

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Education From the HeartEducation from the Heart
A Jungian Symbolic Perspective

Carlos Amadeu Botelho Byington, M.D.
ISBN: 9781888602487
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Chiron Publications
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368 pages
August 2010


symbolic education aims to rescue pleasure and emotion in teaching and
learning and recast them as existential activities that are no longer
merely rational and forgettable. It proposes the use of expressive
techniques in the classroom to favor spontaneity and enhance the
physical, emotional, imaginative, and creative participation of teacher
and student. The result is a method of teaching that is lively and
useful, rooted in the pedagogic transference, where consciousness is
formed and social participation is refined. The symbolic method trains
teachers to avoid dissociating the subjective and the objective
dimensions and provides students with the opportunity to learn about the
world with their whole being, by uniting reason, emotion, and
creativity and reveal the pleasure of knowledge.

Jungian symbolic
education takes as its model life and life’s natural ways of teaching.
Its foundation is Carlos Byington’s theory of Jungian symbolic
psychology, which describes archetypal patterns of consciousness by
elaborating symbols coordinated by archetypes. It gives central emphasis
to Jung’s theory of the individuation process with contributions from
psychoanalysis, especially from Freud and Melanie Klein, and from
analytical psychology, in particular from Erich Neumann. It is a
systemic theory of education that unites Jean Piaget’s constructivism
with depth psychology and positions symbolic constructivism within the
pedagogic transference.

Education from the Heart, with many
theoretical and practical contributions, is recommended not only for
teachers and administrators, but also for parents and for those involved
in the widespread and crucial debate on education.

Carlos Amadeu
Botelho Byington, M.D., is a psychiatrist and Jungian analyst,
graduated at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zürich and founding member of
the Brazilian Society for Analytical Psychology. He is the author of
numerous books, including Jungian Symbolic Education; The Development of
Personality; Structure of Personality: Persona and Shadow; Symbolic
Dimensions of Personality, as well as many articles.

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