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Symbols of Individuation in Global Politics-

The Case of Barack Obama.

Both Seminars Now Available on DVD
We are very pleased to announce that the DVD version of our highly successful seminars on global politics from a Jungian perspective are now available.
The DVDs turned out very well with excellent quality and graphics. We’ve prepared brief trailers of both DVD’s, which give good overviews of the seminars:

*Click here to see the trailers of the DVDs*

The first DVD (AJC #13) is a 3 hour seminar lead by Murray Stein and Bernard Sartorius, both leading Jungian analysts out of Zurich. They are superb speakers and remarkable at bringing highly complex material down to an understandable level. They review a broad history of how humankind has engaged it’s perception of reality, from ancient Egypt to modernity. They look at how our current political splits between Islam and the West have developed and lead to a stalemate of sorts.Their journey includes an in-depth analysis of global leadership and how President Obama has successfully (and unsuccessfully) engaged this arena.

Our second DVD (AJC #14) is a 2 hour seminar also held on September 10, 2010. It is lead by Thomas Singer, MD, a Jungian analyst out of the San Fransisco Institute. He looks much more specifically at President Obama and the many unconscious forces working for him and against him. He examines projection on a global level and how entire societies can become gripped in cultural complexes. His seminar is full of powerful images that amplify the intensities of these global complexes. It also includes an excerpt from a soon to be released Australian film on how the United States and President Obama became embroiled in specific unconscious forces.
Both these seminars are truly extraordinary. Please take a few moments to watch the video trailers and order a copy today.

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Your purchase of one or both of these DVDs will greatly aid our mission to make world class Jungian speakers available globally in live internet seminars as well as recorded versions.

Thank you so much for your support!
Steve Buser, MD
Asheville Jung Center