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We invite you to submit a paper, presentation or art/performance work

Arts & Psyche Network
Saturday 24th September 2011

University of Northampton

“by actively attending to the inner imagery one is giving life to the Self” (C. G. Jung, 1931, CW16, para 106)

“Jung’s method of interior imagining is for none of these reasons – spiritual discipline, artistic creativity, transcendence of the worldly, mystical vision or union, personal betterment, or magical effect” (James Hillman, Healing Fiction, 60-62 or Blue Fire, p.58).

We hope this will be of interest to Jungians and other psychoanalysts, arts, film and performance practitioner/scholars, health practitioners, theologians, philosophers, psychologists and anyone interested in what we could call the most profound and meaningful aspects of arts practice. The numinous, the sublime and even the ‘spiritual’ (with all the problems this brings with it in a secular age) may find a voice here.

In the hopes of inspiring debate and exchange on the inter-relationships between Arts practices and various notions of ‘Psyche’ we are launching a Research Network. This symposium, our first public event, is an opportunity to bring together a cross-disciplinary group interested in exploring the matter of artistic processes and products in relation to the complexity of understandings around ‘soul’, ‘psyche’, ‘spirit’. Papers, presentations, exhibitions and instances of performance as well as plenty of time for debate and discussion will allow us to work with and from the artist/practitioner’s material in order to bridge discipline boundaries and at the same time allow for manifestations of psyche to be alive and present to us all.

Therefore, we invite you to contribute a paper, presentation or art/performance work outlining your area of interest in relation to this broad call for papers (20 minutes).

Arts and Psyche Network was founded by three academic/practitioners – Dr Jane Bacon (performance maker/Authentic Movement practitioner and Advanced Candidate, Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists) David Parker and Michael Evans (both painters) and has developed from our contributions to previous International Association of Jungian Scholars conferences and publications as well as the Art and Psyche working group conference hosted by the San Francisco Jung Institute Extended Education Programme.

Please submit a 200 word abstract outlining your research focus and any technical requirements to
Deadline: 1st  July, 2011
Dr Jane Bacon
Divisional Leader and Reader, Performance Studies

The School of the Arts
The University of Northampton
St Georges Ave