I am writing to share an idea for a new book series

Dear IAJS Community,

I am writing to share an idea for a new  book series I have in mind and to ask for your input and suggestions for it.

For the last few years  I have very much wanted to publish  through Spring Journal Books  a book series on the theme of Nature  & Psyche, where environmental issues are considered from a depth  psychological perspective.

Already, a few years ago, I edited a 2-volume set  on Psyche and Nature in Spring Journal, and last  year, Spring  published a journal issue on Minding the  Animal Psyche. These volumes were received  enthusiastically and both underscored a hunger for  intelligent,thought-provoking integration of psyche and nature inside the  depth community and outside in environmental sciences and related fields.  Our relationship with Other Nature may be the single most  pressing issue of our time.

For these  reasons, I would  like to greatly further Spring’s  publication output in these areas by creating a separate book series on the theme of Nature & Psyche. The idea would be for Spring to  collect book proposals and then select one book for publication each year on the  topic. The author would be selected by an editorial advisory committee  with expertise in these fields  and  me, as  publisher of  the Series.. I would also serve as the Series  Editor, again with  signficant input from the adivsory committee.

Each author would then be invited to New Orleans, where  Spring is located, to present lectures over the course of  a  weekend in March based upon his/her  new  book. The first lecture would be on a Friday night at a special  venue in New   Orleans, with  another lecture or  2 to follow  Saturday morning

On Saturday afternoon, breakout  sessions or even more informal discussions among the participants   would be held in which participants could interact with one another  and share their own ideas on environment  concerns, perhaps  expanding and strengthening the depth psychology  community that is especially interested in  these issues. and bringing  depth psychology to a broader  community.

Following these events  during the day on  Saturday, my husband Glenn and I would host a party at our boathouse,  located in New  Orleans  on Lake Pontchartrain. This party could be somewhat like a  Nature-Psyche salon event, or, more in keeping with New Orleans, a more  decadent affair!

On Sunday, we will organize boating outings to see the  Louisiana wetlands, birds , and other sites of interest from the  water as well as  landbased tours of wildlife  sanctuaries and  those areas of New Orleans that  are under construction, renovation, and renewal since Hurricane  Katrina. It is part  of our concept that New  Orleans would form a central place-based  locus for this work. Given Hurriance Katrina, the BP oil spill and its  aftermath, coupled with the fact the Spring has now  returned home to  New Orleans after a 5-year “wander”, it seems important for this event to  based here, and Spring would like to share with you its hometown  and  surrounds.

I would very much appreciate any  feedback you might like to share with me as  to whether you think  this is a good idea, suggestions for authors ,–especially if you know any  authors currently working on book-length projects in these areas of  interest (including yourselves, perhaps!)—, and suggestions for who  might be best to serve on an editorial advisory committee to help select  the manuscript that will be published each year in book form and provide  further counsel to me in editing the books in the Series.

I am really excited about this idea, and hope you will be too.

I look forward to hearing from you, if you are interested in this  project, and in having your input in figuring out how  to move  forward in initiating this project. It would, in fact, be great to  inaugurate this new happening in March of 2012.

Nancy Cater

Nancy Cater, J.D., Ph.D.
Editor, Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture
Publisher: Spring Journal Books