Share Your Seminar Ideas With IAJS Executive Committee

Hi to all – just to tip you off that Austin Clarkson and Darrell Dobson will be running a new kind of seminar – they will be announcing title and dates asap – if they can fit it into their schedules, we are hoping it will happen before the London Regional Conference. 

We are very interested in hearing from the membership with other ideas of what seminars you’d like us to run – ‘speakers’ or topics ideas are welcome. This is such a rich field, and branches into many directions. And we are most keen also to hear from members who do not put messages out there – their ideas may open up other doors and other voices.

Send your ideas to the IAJS Executive Committee directly:

You all should know that our chair, Don Fredricksen, is working with other IAJS members (to be announced when they are ready) on the next International Joint Conference with IAAP – which will be happening at University of Braga, in Porto, Portugal mid July 2012. He promises us a more formal announcement shortly. 

Once we are tipped off when IJJS next issue has gone out, we will let you all know. If you have not put your postal address on the dedicated postal address list for this purpose – you may not get it! That dedicated email address is: I have seen some of what’s coming, and it looks v. promising. 

let us know – with all best wishes, Leslie Gardner, EC