Borderland Consciousness

A recent IAJS discussion list conversation included references to important transcendent and border land consciousness. The two threads are included below.

Away from books, some of you may be interested in my digital project,  “Threading the Petrified Glyph.”:



Dear Friends and those interested in my work in the realm of Borderland consciousness, find this film and go see it:  It is beyond amazing.  They film and discuss what I call Borderland consciousness and the place where the Western psyche is reconnecting with Nature in a manner that reflects an emergent evolutionary phase.  The discovery of this cave in 1994 is significant to me since I wrote the Borderland myth (see Appendix in my book) in 1992.  For me, finding language to express the Borderland consciousness concept has always been my struggle.  This film addresses that conundrum directly and well.  There are details in the film to quibble with; but  they are nothing more than quibbles.  The art work is breathtaking and brought me to tears.  But on a deeper level, at one point, I saw Michaelangelo’s painting in the Sistine Chapel with the finger of man reaching toward God and God toward man.  But for me, it was the finger of Homo sapiens separated across a psychic divide by Patriarchy as represented in the Garden of Eden Story reaching out and connecting across that divide to take the next evolutionary step in our species’ individuation.  I don’t see this phase as the death of patriarchy, but rather patriarchy coming into wholeness.

There is more to be said, but this will do for now.