Date: September 11th – 15th, 2012 (5 days)
Arrival: September, 10th 2012
Departure: September, 16th 2012
Location: The City of Bern and Swiss Alps
Instructors:Allan Guggenbühl/Andrea Munz
Method:Lectures, workshops, self-experience, case examples and excursions
Language:The course will be held in English
Organization: Institute for conflict management and mythodramaUntere Zäune 1
CH-8001 Zürich / Switzerland
Phone:+41 44 261 17 17
Fax: +41 44 261 19 03
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.
International course given by the Swiss Mythodrama Association and the Institute of Conflict Management, held in the heart of the Swiss Alps
Out of breath, angry, lost for answers: in our daily professional work we are confronted with challenging situations: a client gets angry with us, a team refuses to deal with their core conflict or a group of students refuse to abide to the rules. How shall we approach people in conflict? What steps can be taken?
Allan Guggenbühl has developed approach to deal with conflicts, based on the ideas of analytical psychology and psychodrama. In this conflict resolution approach one works with the core story, which the group or team members adhere to. The stories correspond to the archetype, with which the group or team identifies: tricksters, primadonna, seducer etc. By working with the stories or myths behind the conflict the team, group or individual is enabled to gain new insights and make concrete changes. The aim is to use one’s own imagination to disclose hidden resources and to reflect the problems and challenges of the group.
In this course the participants are introduced into the principles of Mythodrama, learn how to conduct a Mythodrama and how to interpret stories and myths. Of course they also have the occasion, to take part in Mythodrama sessions and study case examples.
– The theory of Mythodrama
– The power of symbols
– The messages behind images
– The art of interpretation
– How to conduct Mythodrama
– The psychological profiles of conflicts in companies and educational institutions
– How to apply Mythodrama to conflicts in everyday professional lives.
Prof. Dr. Allan Guggenbühl, Ph.D., is a Jungian analyst, Professor for psychology and education and the University of Education of the state of Zurich and the Director of the Institute for Conflict Management and Mythodrama in Zurich. He is one of Europe’s leading specialists in violence and conflicts. He worked with schools and companies in conflict in Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Germany and U.S. He is author of „The incredible fascination of violence“(1996, Woodstock: Spring Publications) and „Men, power and myths“ (1997, New York: Continuum Publishing Company).