IAJS/IAAP Joint Braga Conference

IV International Academic Conference of Analytical Psychology & Jungian Studies

Jung’s Analytical Psychology in Conversation with a Changing World

To be held at:
Universidade Católica Portuguesa. Faculdade de Filosofia. Braga. Portugal

The Faculty of Philosophy of the Portuguese Catholic University in Braga is actively engaged in Jungian studies, in which local IAAP and IAJS colleagues teach. It was also host to the first-ever Jungian conference in Portugal in April 2009.

Braga is the oldest city in Portugal, thought to have been founded around 20 BC during a period of Roman occupation; it is also one of the oldest Christian cities in the world. In the nineteenth century, immigrants from Brazil introduced new tastes in the city’s architecture and infrastructure. Today it is the center of one of the fastest growing area in the EU, and home to two universities.


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IAAP-IAJS-Braga Conference 2012

IAJS/IAAP Joint Braga Conference