2012 The Shadow Seminar

The IAJS executive Committee gratefully aknowledges Päivi Alho for concisely editing and masterfully capturing the tone of the “Shadow” seminar.

A four week on-line seminar on ‘shadow’ was arranged starting from Sunday 29stApril to Monday 28th May 2012 by Stephani Stephens, Leslie Gardner and Liz Brodersen. The purpose of the seminar was to differentiate the multifaceted aspects of Jung’s concept of ‘shadow’ from Jungian and post Jungian perspectives.

‘Shadow’ is one of Jung’s most fertile depth- psychological terms, although it still remains rather maligned and relatively misunderstood as ‘negative.’ This seminar was an attempt to address that imbalance by opening up discussion from differing interdisciplinary perspectives in order to bring ‘shadow’ into the light!

The aim of the seminar was to expand consciousness about the ‘shadow,’ both in its collective and personal ramifications and to assess its potential for initiating socio- political change. As the IAJS- forum is interdisciplinary, the discussion brings together clinical as well as non-clinical perspectives.

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