David Tacey's Curriculum Outline/ Syllabus "Jung's Cultural Psychology"

Dear Barbara, Al,    and anyone interested in the structure and content of my “Jung’s Cultural Psychology” subject  –

Attached please find a Curriculum Outline/ Syllabus for this subject.   The reading list is in the document, but the core text is The Jung Reader.   Also find here the week-by-week description of lectures and topics.
It is offered to 2nd and 3rd year undergraduates in a Bachelors degree program, and each year about 70 students choose the subject as an elective.   Students come to the subject mostly from Literature, but also Religious Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Gender Studies and Legal Studies.   It runs for 13 weeks, which is the length of our semesters here in Australia. I am not in sciences, but in humanities, so it has a literature and humanities focus.
The first half of the subject is purely theoretical, and the second half applies the theory to cultural and literary texts.  I find myself drawn to Canadian literature in this subject, and I use Margaret Atwood and Robertson Davies a great deal, also Alice Munro.   I don’t know why Canadian is so useful in a Jungian subject, but it is. Download the PDF:  Jung’s Cultural Psychology Subject Outline 2012-1
best wishes,   David Tacey