Proposed Changes to DSM-V

The website <>  lists many proposed changes for the DSM. Also there is a call out for licensed counselors willing and able to accept at least 1 new client per month and invest about 2 hours of time in an on-line training to field test the DSM-V.

More details available on the APA’s DSM-V Development site:
If you scroll down the above page, which concerns Schizotypical Personality Disorder, ‘introversion’ is listed as one of the characteristics. Below, a May 2010 correspondence from Hester Solomon on IAAP behalf, contesting the proposal:
Below: a short correspondence 2008 in the Psychiatrist – someone wanting extroversion/introversion to be brought into both ICD-11 and DSM-V:  
And a ‘Psychology Today’ article asking, are introverts nuts?