Tragic fire in Santa Maria

The images of the brazil fire10 fire are heart-rending. It’s worse because the dead are all so young. I just wanted to send an empathic message to our friends and colleagues in Brasil to say that we are thinking of you and of the families of the dead young people.

— Andrew Samuels
Thanks very much for your empathetic words for us in Brazil. There is an atmosphere of suffering and mourning we can feel even in our consulting rooms with our patients.
Thanks a lot for remembering us. It is very kind of you.

— Warmly, Walter Boechat 

Dear Andrew,
Thank you for your words of solidarity.
The country woke in a terrible dark cloud of sadness and pain.When so many young people die, something our psyche dies together.
It remains for us to mourn and move on down the road.
Your kindness will help us.
Best wishes, — Marcus Quintaes…


I would like to send my heartfelt sympathy to our friends and colleagues in Brasil. This fire in Santa Maria  is a tragedy that never should have happened. It brought to mind the fire in the night club in Rhode Island. Pyro techniques get out of hand and too many young people are lost.  My prayers and thoughts are with the families in Brasil.

Warmly, — Barbara Volger

Dear Andrew,
for reminding me yet again – this time collectively together with everyone else in our community – that ‘no man is an island, we’re all part of the maine . . . ‘; and my heart goes out, together with yours, particularly to all of you who are even more closely and immediately affected in Brazil.
With warm and loving wishes, and blessings, — Gottfried.

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for your words.

All of Brazil is in mourning and it is reassuring to know that many colleagues and friends are thinking about us and the families of young people. We are trying to find a meaning in that pain and support of all helps us walk.

Warmly, — Paul Bonfatti