Carl G. Jung: The Red Book, Gnosis and the Gnostic Traditions

From the Gnosis Archives

Carl G. Jung's Red BookWith publication of the Red Book, irrefutable evidence is presented of Jung’s deep relationship to the visionary and experiential tradition of Gnosis. Throughout his life, Jung publicly and privately affirmed his affinity to Gnostic tradition. We consider it quite possible that future generations will understand Jung as a seminal, prophetic figure heralding a new Sophianic age and a resurgent understanding the timeless traditions of the Gnosis.

Gnosis is not a “dead ancient philosophy”, but instead a lived and living fact of human experience with ancient roots and a transformative potential for the future development of human consciousness. Jung provides signal evidence of this fact.

We have added a section to the Gnosis Archive dedicated to C. G. Jung and Gnostic Tradition:Gnosis, Gnosticism and Jungian Psychology. You will find here a wide range of material to help center your understanding of C. G. Jung and Gnosis. We have recently added a four hour video seminar presented by Dr. Stephan Hoeller to the Theosophical Society in America: The Red Book of C. G. Jung – Its Meaning for Our Age. This presentation provides an extensive introduction to Jung and the importance of the Red Book.

Dr. Lance Owens is giving an extended seminar in Salt Lake City on Myth, Imagination, and Modern Psychology: C.G. Jung and The Red Book. The seminar began September 14, 2011 and will continue through May 2012. Visit the C.G. Jung and the Red Book lecture collection for information and audio recordings.


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