Death of Eugene Taylor on 30th January 2013

Eugene Taylor
Eugene Taylor

Eugene Taylor

It is with great sadness and regret that I am writing to inform you of the death of Eugene Taylor on 30th January 2013.

Eugene Taylor was the longest serving member of the Philemon Board, joining in 2004, shortly after its launch.  He was a Professor at Saybrook University, where he had been chair of the programs in Consciousness Studies and Humanistic & Transpersonal Psychology.  In 2011, he received the Abraham Maslow Award from division 32 of the American Psychological Association, “for outstanding and lasting contribution to the exploration of the farther reaches of human spirit.”  He will forever be associated with his pioneering work on William James, which was featured in the New York Times in 1985 in an article entitled, “William James: Stature Raised in New Appraisal” (

He played a seminal role in the development of Jung history, being the first to study connections between Jung and the figures of William James, a Boston psychopathologists, Swedenborg, and the American psychotherapeutic counterculture. In 2008, he gave a detailed account of the genesis of his work, in an interview withThibaud Trochu in William James Studies(

A memorial will be held in Boston at some time in early Spring.  Further information will be sent out as received.

Sonu Shamdasani

General Editor, Philemon Foundation

Philemon Professor of Jung History at UCL