Therip aims to provide a forum for discussion between different schools in the fragmented world of psychoanalysis. Our members include scholars and analysts with divergent views on the history, theory and practice of psychoanalysis. Therip conferences have been occasions where these differences could be aired and debated. Perhaps its most successful endeavours have been The Klein/Lacan Dialogues.

Our current project starts with this web discussion and culminates in a conference on 26/27 July 2013. We are asking Is Dialogue Possible? Are the competing tendencies within psychoanalysis capable of conducting fruitful dialogue? What are the conditions for meaningful debate? Do debates within psychoanalysis have specific characteristics that make these dialogues more problematic than dialogues in others fields. The question of whether dialogue is possible has implications as well for the relationship between analyst and patient, and indeed within each analyst and patient. Beyond psychoanalysis how can we think about dialogue between disciplines and groups.

The Higher Education Network for Research and Information in Psychoanalysis (Therip)


Therip conf 2013 POSTER

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