Jung and the New Age by David Tacey


David Tacey
David Tacey

Just as formal religion appears to dwindle to a minority interest, ‘New Age’ spirituality gathers increasing momentum and and baffles us with its popular appeal. What is more, it has appropriated Jung as one of its spiritual leaders.
In his own trenchant style, David Tacey offers a theoretical and philosophical account of the New Age phenomenon and the archetypal imperatives that have brought it about. He also investigates the popular claim that Jung is a prophet or mystic, and argues that critics have been only too willing to concur with what the New Age has made of him, conspiring to turn Jung into a figure of ridicule. Jung and the New Age, redresses the balance, while offering a wide-ranging discussion about the state of consciousness in the New Age culture, and the future of spirituality versus formal religion.

I often find it disappointing that the Jungian community  discusses Jung and the New Age  – an entire study devoted to this problem, published by Routledge in London.  We ought to be more scholarly and read the stuff that has already been produced on these topics.

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