MA/PHD JUNGIAN STUDIES From Saybrook University


If you desire to deepen your understanding of the dynamics of the psyche, add a depth dimension to your clinical work, or explore psycho-dynamics as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, our specialization in Jungian Studies is for you.  With an MA, PhD, or certificate program focusing on Jungian psychology, you can augment your clinical practice or expand your knowledge of C.G. Jung, one of the seminal leaders in psychological theory and history.

The Jungian Studies program is designed for those who wish to have a deeper understanding of analytical psychology and its applications in the world. Our students include physicians, psychologists, social workers, counselors, organizational consultants, engineers, artists, writers, teachers, entrepreneurs, and those in other professions.

Each year, students attend a series of seven weekend seminars at The Jung Center in Houston, TexasThis is an excellent program for those who already have licensure who wish to enhance their clinical repertoire. For degrees leading to licensure, please see our programs in Clinical Psychology

Symbols, Mysteries, and Inner Myths

The depths of the human psyche – its symbols, mysteries, and inner myths – were defined by Carl Jung in the early 20th century. By studying Jung you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world while achieving professional advancement in your career.

Today, scholarship based on Jung’s insights is increasingly embraced as essential by those who would chart a path through the issues of our time. Jung’s insights into the human condition, the operations of the psyche, and its implications for cultural expression are timeless and, in many respects, yet to be fully discovered and appreciated.

Saybrook Leads in Depth Psychology

The Jungian Studies program was founded by noted Jungian analyst James Hollis, PhD, author and Director Emeritus of the C. G. Jung Educational Center of Houston. The program is directed by Alan G. Vaughan, PhD, JD, an analyst member of the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco and member of the editorial board of the Jung Journal of Culture & Psyche. published by Routledge.

Saybrook scholars are intimately involved with Jungian scholarship and projects such as the recent publication of Jung’s Red Book, Jung’s psychological diary, containing the foundations of his revolutionary theory of human psychology. This level of expertise makes Saybrook’s Jungian Studies program one of the leading ways to explore depth psychology not just in America, but around the globe.

To find out whether the Jungian Studies program is right for you, please email or call 800.825.4480.