Remaking Men: Jung, Spirituality and Social Change by David Tacey

Publication Date: June 14, 1997

David Tacey
David Tacey

The nature of masculinity is a popular subject for contemporary authors, either treated critically from a sociological standpoint, or analysed from a psychological and spiritual perspective.
In Remaking Men, David Tacey argues that we must strive to bridge the gap between these separate traditions – masculinity should neither be hijacked by the spiritual, Jung-influenced men’s movement, nor discussed merely as a product of socio-political forces.
Examining his own and other men’s experience in a critical and lively discourse he evades the simplistic optimism of the ‘inner journey’ approach and the chronic pessimism of contemporary academic arguments. This is a fascinating and very accessible look at masculinity for those who want to explore self and society with intelligence and soul.

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