I enjoyed reading the rich discussion of Catriona's presentation From Dr Stephen Diamond

I enjoyed reading the rich discussion of Catriona’s presentation on the psychology of zombies and their current popularity. It is afascinating topic, and obviously related to the problem of human evil in general. Though I was unable to partake in that recent conversation, I am pleased to let IAJS list members who might be interested know that there is now a revised electronic version of my book Anger, Madness and the Daimonic: The Paradoxical Power of Rage in Violence, Evil and Creativity (2013) available at amazon’s kindle store and for Barnes and Noble nook readers.

While I don’t talk specifically about zombies in the book, there is discussion of demons, devils, dybbuks, etc. (and, of course, the shadow and daimonic) that I believe to be closely related to the zombie phenomenon.
Best regards,
Stephen Diamond