The International Society for Psychology as a Discipline of Interiority – Invitation

The International Society for Psychology as a Discipline of Interiority (“ISPDI”), the organization formed around the work of Wolfgang Giegerich, will be holding a workshop in Toronto, July 20-21, which will focus on The Entrance Problem of Psychology, an issue Giegerich addresses in The Soul’s Logical Life. Following ISPDI’s first international conference in Berlin in 2012, this gathering is envisioned less as an event for formal presentations but rather more as a “workshop” space for those who both have an interest in and some familiarity with Giegerich’s thought. It is conceived as a place to “go to work” at deepening our comprehension and familiarity with the notion of psychology as a discipline of interiority.

In order to prepare for the time together, some members of the Executive Committee have drawn up a list of selected writings that are relevant to the topic of The Entrance Problem of Psychology. The idea is that spending time with some of these writings in the months leading up to the workshop will enrich the days spent together in Toronto. On-line registration for the Toronto Workshop (July 20-21) is now available on ISPDI’s website. Please have a look at the information provided there and consider joining us as we embark on an examination of “The Entrance Problem in Psychology.”

Best regards,The Executive CommitteeJohn Hoedl, President
Greg Mogenson, Vice President
Samina Salahuddin, Recording Secretary
John Robertson, Treasurer
Peter White, Web Discussion Moderator
Dan Anderson, G-mail Monitor
Colleen Hendrick, Membership Monitor
Marco Heleno Barreto, Assistant Web Discussion Monitor

By Wolfgang Giegerich:

— The Soul’s Logical Life, Chapter 1, “‘No Admission!’ The Entrance Into Psychology and The Style of Psychological Discourse,” pp. 13-32.

— The Soul’s Logical Life, Chapter 6,  “Actaion and Artemus: The Pictorial Representation of the Notion and the (Psycho-) Logical Interpretation of the Myth,” pp. 203-275.

— Dialectics and Analytical Psychology The El Capitan Canyon Seminar, Chapter 2 “Different Moments of Truth, a Few Examples,” pp. 25-41.

–C.E.P. Volume III, Chapter Four, “The Sacrifice of Isaac and the Watershed of History: Preparatory and Methodological Remarks Concerning the Topic of Ritual Killings.”

–C.E.P. Volume lll, Introduction, especially pp. 4-9.

–“Closure and Setting Free or The Bottled Spirit of Alchemy and Psychology,”  Spring 74, The Alchemy Issue, pp. 31-62.

–C.E.P. Volume I. The Introduction

–C.E.P. Volume I, Chapter Four, “No Alibi!”

–C.E.P. Volume l, Chapter Two, “On The Neurosis of Psychology or the Third of the Two,” pp. 41-68.

–C.E.P. Volume IV, Chapter Thirteen, “The Ego-Psychological Fallacy. A note on ‘the birth of meaning out of a symbol.'”

–C.E.P Volume IV, Chapter Nineteen, “Feeling as a Bridge to the Soul,” pp. 510-512.

By Greg Mogenson:

–Dialectics and Analytical Psychology The El Capitan Canyon Seminar, Chapter Five, “Different Moments in Dialectical Movement.” pp. 77-106.

–“The Place of Interpretation: Absolute Interiority and the Subject of Psychology,” Spring 77, The Philosophy & Psychology Issue, pp. 53-77.