Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies – Open Seminar (Colchester Campus) – Frank Röhricht

Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Open Seminar (Colchester Campus)

’Body Psychotherapy – from Wilhelm Reich to a modern relational and embodied approach’

(Professor Frank Röhricht, Honorary Professor, CPS & Consultant Psychiatrist/Clinical Director, Newham/ East London Foundation NHS Trust)

This paper is going to present an overview of the developments in body psychotherapy from a clinical and academic perspective, outlining how the historic roots in psychoanalysis (e.g. Reich, Ferenczi, Balint) in the last century led to the development of body psychotherapy and its diversification into three distinctive but overlapping branches: analytical body psychotherapy, relational body psychotherapy and integrative /humanistic body psychotherapy. We will discuss the relevance for the psychoanalytic theory and practice and the importance of body psychotherapy for the treatment of severe mental disorders.

Frank Röhricht is Consultant Psychiatrist (MD, FRCPsych); Body Psychotherapist; Honorary Professor Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex. Member of the German Association for Psychosomatic Medicine; Chair of the research section of German Association for Body Psychotherapy (part of European Association of Body Psychotherapy / EABP); Patron of the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK. With numerous publications in peer reviewed journals one of the leading researchers in the international field of Body Image Phenomenology and Body Psychotherapy in Mental Illness.

The Open Seminars all take place in room 4SB.5.3  at 5pm.

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