“Embrace of the Daimon: Healing through the Subtle Energy Body/Jungian Psychology and the Dark Feminine”

Embrace of the Daimon” revised for 2013 is available TODAY for FREE download on SATURDAY, MARCH 16 and also SUNDAY, MARCH 17 (from appx. 12am Sat. -11:59pm Sun) You are invited to download your complimentary copy.

This book is for people who are intrigued by or struggling with the “dark feminine” shadow: the interplay of sexuality, sensuality, violence, death and transformation; the imaginal realm; subtle body dynamics; or the role of the mind/body connection in Jungian psychology /individuation. Subject matter not always easily to digest—Not for the faint of heart!

***Finalist*** Foreword Reviews Book of the Year 2012 (Body/Mind/Spirit)

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“Sandra Dennis has written a courageous, important book… that forges a bridge between the worlds of the scholar and the visionary, and in so doing makes a significant contribution to the phenomenology of altered states of…