How to Save Jung from the Red Book and the Red Book from Jung

The C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco is presenting a interesting Webinar titled “How to Save Jung from the Red Book and the Red Book from Jung” this Saturday May 4th. We have a limited number of seats for this global Webinar. As of this morning we still have a few slots left for the live event.  Don’t miss this opportunity to ask the presenters questions during the live presentation.

The Asheville Jung Center

“How to Save Jung from the Red Bookand the Red Book from Jung”


The Red Book
The Red Book

The C.G Jung Institute of San Francisco is pleased to present this wonderful workshop. This is a workshop about the imagination and how Jung’s radical treatment of it changes things both personally and collectively in issues of knowing and being. It centers on The Red Bookand includes practical creative work with active imagination and amplification. Yet we will also examine the different ways Jungian scholars have construed the powerful images of The Red Book in disciplinary frameworks such as “psychology,” “theology,” “anthropology,” “art,” “personal myth,” “modernism” and “postmodernism.” We will include some comparisons with contemporary images of desert and wasteland in the poetry of T.S. Eliot and W.B. Yeats. In particular we will debate what is at stake in connecting The Red Book to Jung’s whole legacy (The Collected Works, the institution of analysis, etc.), especially in such radical conclusions asThe Red Book as “historical source” or, The Red Book as “postmodern fake.” What is at stake for Jung and Jungians when “conclusions” and “definitions” are drawn from this recently published bestselling text?

The workshop will begin by sharing our own imaginative experiences of the text and any artwork (drawing, writing, etc.) would be very enriching. If you have any images or sketches you would like the presenters to view please make sure to email them to before the presentation. On the other hand, we also begin with dramatic readings of the book. This course will also be welcoming to those who have not yet managed to turn the first page!

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A Global Webinar Date: Saturday, May 4th, 2013 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm (Eastern US Time Zone)
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Instructor: SUSAN ROWLAND, PH.D., is Associate Chair of the Jungian/Archetypal Studies Ph.D. hybrid program at Pacifica Graduate Institute and formerly Professor of Jungian Studies at the University of Greenwich. Her books include Jung: A Feminist Revision, Jung as a Writer, C.G. Jung and the Humanities (2010) and The Ecocritical Psyche(2012). She was the founding chair of the International Association for Jungian Studies (IAJS) 2003-6 and Co-Chair with John Beebe of the IAJS-IAAP joint academic conference in Zurich in 2008.

Panelists:  JEAN KIRSCH, M.D., is a Jungian analyst practicing in Palo Alto California. A graduate of Stanford University Medical School, she is a member and past president of the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, where she was instrumental in establishing its International Student for Analytical Psychology program, through which mental health professionals from countries with no formal training opportunities may spend two years at the San Francisco Institute studying Jungian theory and practice. She is a member of the training faculty at the C. G. Jung Institute. Publications include professional articles, reviews, and contributions to several collections of essays. With Murray Stein she has edited a collection of essays by prominent Jungian analysts and scholars,How and Why We Still Read Jung: Personal and Professional Reflections,to be published in Summer 2013 by Routledge Press.

THOMAS B. KIRSCH, M.D. Jungian Analyst in Palo Alto, California. With George Hogenson, Dr. Kirsch is co-editor of a series of papers on The Red Book to be published in 2013. He was a speaker at the Library of Congress in 2010 at the time of The Red Book exhibition in Washington, D.C. He has long been interested in the history of Jung and analytical psychology. His book, The Jungians, traces the history of analytical psychology from its roots in Zurich until the beginning of the 21st Century.

SUSAN THACKREY, PH.D, is a member and teaching analyst in the C. G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, and a widely published poet. Her recent essay, “Manifesting the Vision: C.G. Jung’s Paintings for The Red Book,”will be published in 2013 in Routledge’s book of essays from The International Red Book Conference held by the C.G. Jung Institute in 2010. She was a founder and active owner of Thackrey and Robertson Gallery in San Francisco for many years.

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Learning Objectives: (Coming Soon)

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