Call for Papers – 'Art, Aesthetics, and Analytical Psychology’

Call for paper for the special themed issue of the International Journal for Jungian Studies, guest edited by Dr David Parker.


Art, aesthetics, and Analytical Psychology have overlapping histories that are punctuated by their involvement in the elaboration of the imagination and its symbolic expression.  Each provides the means to a deeper engagement with the psychological processes that oscillate between our inner and outer experiences. In his Red Book, we find Jung uses art to explore his own inner psychic landscape, and through his exploration he reveals to us the usefulness of art and aesthetic processes for establishing a creative psychology of image and imagination.

Likewise in the Arts, we can find ideas of Jungian Psychology to have influenced and permeated the imaginations of artists in the twentieth century, particularly in the fine arts and those of the American Abstract Expressionists. That said, it is also curious that Jung, as a psychologist, appears to have ascribed little value to aesthetic considerations, believing instead that aesthetics and the aesthetic attitude were counter-productive in a meaningful psychological understanding of phenomena.

In this special issue of the International Journal of Jungian Studies (IJJS) we invite submissions that specifically address approaches to Analytical Psychology in relationship to Art and Aesthetics across all aspects of artistic practice. We are keen to encourage challenging, speculative material from both practitioners and theorists drawn from all disciplines (mainstream and non-mainstream) who have ideas and insights into how the aesthetic and the psychological might be seen to mediate experience within both the individual and the collective. Papers can be theoretical, empirical, historical or cultural and may be interdisciplinary in their approach.

We seek papers that are approximately 7000 words in length. Papers must be formatted in the journal’s house style (for further details, see the guidance for authors at:; and follow the link to instructions). Please note that images can be incorporated into papers, but all permissions for their citation must be obtained at the time of the paper’s submission. Images will be printed in black and white within the paper-copy of the journal, and can be reproduced in colour within the online version of the journal.

Please submit your paper to the journal online at:

Deadline for submissions is:  March 31 2014


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  1. For this art issue, I ask you to consider reviewing my recent book Wall Street Revolution and Other Poems. These depth-psychology informed poems address mass psychopathologies in the postmodern Western collective unconscious. The volume also stands on the shoulders of Eliot and Auden. I think your readers would be interested. Please call (610 653 0151) or write if you would like a desk copy. The book is also available at Fisher King Press and Amazon.

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