NEW BOOK RELEASE! Somatic Cinema The relationship between body and screen – a Jungian perspective By Luke Hockley

“Drawing on Jung’s assertion that body and mind are indivisible, Luke Hockley develops a masterly analysis of the complex interactions between ritual, therapy and cinema. He introduces to this the concept of embodied aἀect, arguing that (as in therapy, so in the cinema) when body and mind are both impacted by feeling, the unconscious must be no less involved than consciousness. The resultant account presents an innovative theoretical frame within which to recognise the place of aἀect in cinema.” – John Izod, Emeritus Professor of Film Analysis, University of Stirling, UK

Films can hold personal psychological meanings that are often at odds with their narratives. Examining the intersections between mental health and the cinema, Somatic Cinema represents the cutting edge of ἀlm theory, evaluating the signiἀcance of this phenomenon both in therapy and in the everyday world.

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Hockley – Somatic Cinema