Minding the Self – Jungian Meditations on Contemporary Spirituality by Murray Stein.

minding the selfI am pleased that Routledge is offering a discount on my new book for early orders (see attached). I would also like to thank fellow members of this list, David Tacey and John Beebe, for their generous endorsements. ~ Murray Stein.

“Minding the Self is a brilliant account of the spiritual dilemmas of our time, using Jung’s life and work as a guide for modern readers. Murray Stein has a commendable style, which is scholarly and richly informed, and yet accessible to non-specialists and a general readership. He strikes the right note in this work, and should be rewarded by widespread recognition, from within and beyond the !eld of analytical psychology.” – David Tacey, La Trobe University, Australia

“No living Jungian analyst has a better understanding of what Jung meant by individuation than Murray Stein, and the fifteen modest chapters of this book, his masterpiece, make the case for Jung’s project as a true “minding” of the self. Stein’s luminous prose mirrors the consciousness in the midst of complexity that is its subject, making evident that a psychological attitude of self-re”ection can be, just as Jung believed, a most natural way to experience the elusive but de!nite spirit of the divine.” – John Beebe, author of Integrity in Depth

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