Important New Book from Diego Pignatelli – Psiche Primordiale

“This is an important book for our time, if for no other reason than, like Jung’s Red Book, it invites Jungian scholars and practitioners a look back to their ancestral roots.

His book is a return for a new beginning that reverses the current regression in much of Jungian thought to psychoanalytic ideas. It offers a move into the depths ofspirit that is fraught with both danger and opportunity. Pignatelli challenges us to heroically and creatively engage the living primordial psyche as part of a deeply needed renaissance of Jung’s original vision in our time.”
~Veronica Goodchild, PhD, Professor of Jungian and Imaginal Studies at Pacifica Graduate Institute, and author of Songlines of the Soul: Pathways to a New Vision for a New Century (2012), and Eros and Chaos: The Sacred Mysteries and Dark Shadows of Love (2001, 2008).
“A fresh new, lyrical voice has emerged in the writings of Diego Pignatelli. The Primordial Psyche carries the reader from theory to imagination, a fascinating read.”
~Joseph Cambray, Author of Synchronicity: Nature and Psyche in an Interconnected Universe


Download a PDF of the front and back cover here…Psiche_Primordiale_Cover