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Friday December 5th 2014 (6pm wine and canapés reception, 7.30-10pm conference)
Saturday December 6th (9.30am-7.00pm – Social Dreaming 8-9am)
Sunday December 7th (9.30am to 2.30pm – Social Dreaming 8-9am)
Venue: Wesley Ethical Hotel and Conference Centre, 81-103
Euston Street, London NW1 2EZ, UK
Jungian psychology has taken a noticeable ‘political turn’ in the past twenty years. Analysts and academics whose work is grounded in Jung’s ideas have made internationally recognised contributions in many areas. These include: psychosocial and humanitarian interventions, conflict resolution, ecopsychology, issues affecting indigenous peoples, prejudice and discrimination, leadership and citizenship, social inclusion, and economics and finance.
The conference will be of interest to activists, concerned citizens and academics – as well as to the whole range of clinical disciplines, whether Jungian or not. We particularly welcome students and trainees. It is the first occasion on which these contributors have been brought together from many countries specifically to address many of the most pressing crises and dilemmas of our time.
Speakers include: Lawrence Alschuler (Switzerland), John Beebe (US), Jerome Bernstein (US),Walter Boechat (Brazil), Stefano Carta (Italy), Angela Cotter (UK), Peter Dunlap (US), Roberto Gambini (Brazil), Gottfried Heuer (UK), Toshio Kawai (Japan), Tom Kelly (Canada), Sam Kimbles (US), Tom Kirsch (US), Ann Kutek (UK), Kevin Lu (UK), Francois Martin-Vallas (France), Renos Papadopoulos (UK), Eva Pattis-Zoja (Italy), Joerg Rasche (Germany), Susan Rowland (US), Mary-Jayne Rust (UK), Craig San Roque (Australia), Andrew Samuels (UK), Heyong Shen (China), Tom Singer (US), Tristan Troudart (Israel), Luigi Zoja (Italy).

A few words from Conference Organisers Emilija Kiehl and Andrew Samuels about their vision for the Conference:

Full conference fee:   £130   (SFR 196)
Early bird full fee to end of July 2014:   £110   (SFR 165)
Concession fee (students and unwaged):   £95   (SFR 142)
Early bird concession fee to end of July 2014:   £80   (SFR 120)
For registration and hotel accommodation information:
Space is limited – early booking advised
Conference Programme
6.00         Reception and Registration
7.45    Tom Kelly, Andrew Samuels & Emilija Kiehl    Conference Opening
8:15    Chair: Emilija Kiehl    Panel 1: INTERVENTIONS

Stefano Carta:
Opening our rooms: the ETNA project for migrants in Italy

Renos Papadopoulos:
Therapeutic encounters and interventions outside the consulting room; challenges in theory and practice.

Eva Pattis:
After mass violence and displacement: how a “safe place” emerges through symbolic play.

Craig San Roque:
Only speaking for myself, sir (Video presentation).
10:15         Close
8.00 – 9.00    Laurie Slade and Ali Zarbafi    Social Dreaming
9:30    Chair: Marianne Mueller    Panel 2: EQUALITIES AND INEQUALITIES

Angela Cotter:
The Politics of Care and Caring: a UK Experience

Francois Martin-Vallas:
Taking care of psychotics by giving them a job: An analyst in a French social institution.

Tristan Troudart:
Torture as an interpersonal drama, against a background of collective trauma: a Jungian perspective in the Middle East conflict.

Luigi Zoja:
Uncivilization without Transition?
11.30         Break
1.30         Lunch
2.30    Chair: Angela Connolly    Panel 3: POLITICS AND MODERNITY

Lawrence Alschuler:
The Psychopolitics of Liberation: The struggle of Native People against Oppression in Guatemala and Canada.

Kevin Lu:
Piecing the story together: The importance of ethics and historical analysis in family history interviewing.

Peter Dunlap:
Activating political development: the function of a distinctive Jungian political psychology.

Roberto Gambini:
Our Best Future Lies Hidden in our Roots.
4.30         Break
5.00    Chair: Vivien Zyms    Panel 4: CULTURE AND IDENTITY

Walter Boechat:
Racism: An Unwelcome Guest in Brazilian Culture Identity.

Joerg Rasche:
Defense of the Self. European Cultural Complexes and Models for Non – Violent Conflict Resolution.

Susan Rowland:
Jung for/with Feminism? The Gendered Imagination in twenty first century Jungian Studies.

Tom Singer:
Obamacare and the American Psyche: The Cultural Complex as a Bridge between the Specific and the General.
7.00         Close
8.00 – 9.00    Laurie Slade and Ali Zarbafi    Social Dreaming
9.30    Chair: Misser Berg    Panel 5: CULTURAL PHANTOMS

Gottfried Heuer:
“And Death Shall Have No Dominion” – Attending to the Silence. Group work with Follow-up Generations of the Shoah: Victims, Perpetrators, Bystanders.

Sam Kimbles:
Phantom Narratives as Unseen Presences in Political, Cultural and Psychological Life.

Thomas Kirsch:
Jung’s Relationship to Judaism as Expressed in the Jung/James Kirsch correspondence-1933-1934.

Heyong Shen:
Behind the Mask of China, the Trauma of the Cultural Revolution.
11.30         Break
11.45    Chair: Mark Saban    Panel 6: NATURE: TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION

Jerome Bernstein:
Healing Our Broken Connection to Nature: The Psyche-Left-Behind.

Toshio Kawai:
Psychological relief work after the (11.3.2011) earthquake: Jungian perspectives and conflicts with systems.

Ann Kutek:
The Built Environment, Consultation, Regeneration?

Mary-Jayne Rust:
Nature: Truth and Reconciliation.
1.45    John Beebe and Participants    Responding to the Conference

View a PDf here: Iajsdiscussion Analysis and Activism Social and Political Contributions of Analytical Psychology International Association for Analytical Psychology London December 57