CHECK OUT – A play by Jonathan Chadwick

Tuesday 18 November 2014
Starting at 8.15pm

A play by Jonathan Chadwick

The muse, the mentor, the oracle and the sphinx

A popular uprising brings turmoil to the city streets. A radical writer encounters his former protégée, muse and lover, while he is waiting for a train to take him off to join the resistance. She is devastated by her inability to find a creative solution to the conundrum presented by her work as an actress on the part of Jocasta in the Oedipus. She is expecting her one-time mentor, the man who ‘discovered’ her to help her find the answer. This quest is connected to the figure of the unborn child they aborted at the end of their love affair.

The play investigates the implications of the Oedipus story seen from the perspective of Jocasta and consists of a series of enactments and flights of imagination.

The dramatic reading of this work in progress will be given by Elsa Mollien and Tom Clark.

Tom Clark trained and worked as actor in theatres across Canada from 1963-1976. In 1974 he played Hamlet on a national tour of Canada New Brunswick /Wawa /Toronto /Saskatoon /Medicine Hat /Vancouver. He returned the UK to form Gog Theatre in Somerset 1977-1995, with extensive touring work in the UK, France and West Africa where he played Shylock in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. Gog’s work featured artistic exchanges with the Rustaveli Theatre in Tbilisi,Georgia. Latterly he has engaged with issues of conflict resolution in the Middle East and is an Advisory Board member of Conflicts Forum in Beirut, Lebanon.

Elsa Mollien, known for films: Hannibal Rising (2007), Pas à Vendre (2014) and Villa Jasmin (2008), she has worked on stage both in the UK (War Stories Az Theatre 2004) and in France. Also, roles in TV include Crossing Lines and Jane Eyre. She was trained at the Paris Conservatoire and London Academy of Music and Dramtic Art.


Jonathan Chadwick is a theatre director and writer and is currently working with Az Theatre ( He has directed with Theatre Foundry, the Crucible Theatre’s Vanguard Company, Theatre Royal Stratford East, Glasgow Citizen’s Theatre, Half Moon Theatre, The Roundhouse, Foco Novo, 7:84, and abroad in Australia, Romania, Canada, USA, Serbia and Kosovo. He has also directed and taught at LAMDA, RADA, the London Film School and elsewhere.

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