Chiron Publications – New Releases


It’s been a busy year for Chiron Publications with the release of four new books and one revised edition. The subject of three of these range from Death to Breast Cancer to Transformation. Chiron is also pleased to release the first biography of Emma Jung, a powerful figure in the development of Analytical Psychology. The revised edition of The Heart of the Matter is expected to renew interest in this very popular title. The first chapters of these 5 books are now available for you to download and preview.

Dreams, Death, Rebirth: A Topological Odyssey into Alchemy’s Hidden Dimensions9781630510831-Perfect.indd

Our greatest certainty and greatest mystery is our mortality. In this book, Steven M. Rosen explores the profound mystery of death and rebirth from psychological, philosophical, and alchemical perspectives. To model, embody, and contain the paradoxical transformations involved in the death-rebirth enigma, Rosen employs a paradoxical form of mathematics: the topology of the Moebius strip and Klein bottle. As we follow this alchemical odyssey, the author makes himself transparent through his dreams and brings himself tangibly into his text so as to enact a dialectic of ego and Self.

Steven M. Rosen is professor emeritus of psychology at the College of Staten Island of the City University of New York. After receiving his PhD in psychology in 1971, he began exploring the foundations, frontiers, and poetics of science, and his work became transdisciplinary and philosophical in nature. His essays have appeared in journals and collections spanning the fields of psychology, philosophy, theoretical physics, education, semiotics, and ecology. He is the author of Science, Paradox, and the Moebius Principle (1994), Dimensions of Apeiron (2004), Topologies of the Flesh (2006), and The Self-Evolving Cosmos (2008). More…

9781630510879-Perfect.inddBreast Cancer: A Soul Journey

Breast cancer can interrupt a life and demand that we pay more attention to the way we live. In this lyrical and inviting account, Patricia Greer explores associations and images that surround her experience of the disease. A Jungian analyst, she works with metaphors and meanings related to the illness and uses her dreams, inner journeys, and poetry to deepen into and under the reality of cancer. She shares her exploration with the hope that it may help others reflect on their experiences and find insights from understanding cancer as a source of wisdom. For all those who have been touched by the disease and for those who love them, care about them, care for them, breast cancer can be a soul journey.

Patricia Greer, MA, PhD, is a psychotherapist and Jungian analyst who has been seeing clients for more than thirty years. She has used her experience of breast cancer to deepen her ability to accompany her clients on their journeys of individuation and is especially interested in helping women identify and speak in their authentic voices and attend to and honor the wisdom of soul.  More…