New book, 'The Behavioral Sciences in Dialogue with the Theory and Practice of Analytical Psychology

Dear all

I’m pleased to announce the recent publication of the book, ‘The Behavioral Sciences in Dialogue with the Theory and Practice of Analytical Psychology’ (MDPI: Basel and Beijing; ISBN 978-3-03842-002-6).

A preview of the book will soon be available via this link:

I edited the book, and it includes eleven chapters (see below), some of which were written by members of the IAJS.

The book is available in hardback and can be ordered via:  It costs 47 CHF (which approximates to $49 US Dollars, £30; £30; $56 Australian Dollars, 39 Euros)

Alternatively, you can buy a PDF download of it for 9 CHF (c. $9, £6, $11 Australian; 7.5 Euros)

Best of all, the chapters were originally open access journal articles within a special issue I guest edited for ‘Behavioral Sciences’ (ISSN 2076-328X). This means the papers can be downloaded for free(!) via this link:
The journal is also available through the digital archives of PubMed Central.

Best wishes
Lucy Huskinson
(Anglesey, UK)


Chapter 1:  Jung’s ‘Psychology with Psyche’ and the Behavioral Sciences
Raya Jones

Chapter 2:  Accounting for Material Reality in the Analytic Subject
Robin McCoy Brooks

Chapter 3:  Normality in Analytical Psychology
Steve Myers

Chapter 4:  Gender Legacies of Jung and Freud as Epistemology in Emergent Feminist Research on Late Motherhood
Maryann Barone-Chapman

Chapter 5:  Beatrice Hinkle and the Early History of Jungian Psychology in New York
Jay Sherry

Chapter 6:  The Dialogical Jung: Otherness within the Self
William E. Smythe

Chapter 7:  Archetypal-Imaging and Mirror-Gazing
Giovanni B. Caputo

Chapter 8:  C.G. Jung, Quantum Physics and the Spiritual Mind, A Mystical Vision of the Twenty-First Century.
Diogo Valadas Ponte and Lothar Schafer

Chapter 9:  Jung on the Nature and Interpretation of Dreams, A Developmental Delineation with Cognitive Neuroscientific Responses
Caifang Zhu

Chapter 10:  Symbol/Meaning Paired-Associate Recall: An ‘Archetypal Memory’ Advantage.
Milena Sotirova-Kohli, Klaus Opwis, Christian Roesler, Steven M. Smith, David H. Rosen, Jyotsna Vaid, and Valentin Djonov

Chapter 11: Evidence for the Effectiveness of Jungian Psychotherapy: A Review of Empirical Studies.
Christian Roesler