New Book: A Jungian Life by Thomas Kirsch.


Dear IAJS members;

I have just published a new book entitled A Jungian Life by Thomas Kirsch.  It is being published by FisherKingPress, and the book is available both on Amazon and FisherKing Press.  It is a memoir of my life in the Jungian community which begins for me at birth and extends for the next 78 years.  I am not finished yet!.  Hopefully some of you will find it of interest.


“Tom Kirsch’s unique life as a Jungian spans much of the history of analytical psychology which he both witnessed first hand and helped shape. His gifts of seasoned insight, finely tuned feeling and a keen eye for specific historic detail makes this volume a rare and significant contribution.”
– Tom Singer, M.D., Jungian analyst, editor of ‘Psyche and the City’

Tom Kirsch is one of the core creators of the Jungian world as we find it today. His knowledge of the history, the issues and the personalities is second to none. We knew that Kirsch is kind, empathic, related – and responsible for a raft of interesting publications. Maybe we – or some of us – did not know how frank, penetrating, controversial and insightful an observer of professional political process he is. At times, the book takes no prisoners. Every Jungian analyst, candidate and scholar simply must read this book. But the way in which Kirsch situates his first-person narratives against the backdrop of world politics – in Russia, China, South Africa and Latin America, for example – makes this memoir worthy of serious attention from non-Jungian thinkers and practitioners.

– Andrew Samuels, Professor of Analytical Psychology, University of Essex

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Book Review: A Jungian Life by Thomas B. Kirsch