A day on the Integration of the Spiritual Dimension and Ordinary Clinical Work. Ref.CPD/22

This day offers participants an opportunity to explore how spirituality might be integrated with clinical work. Birgit Heuer’s paper “The experience of the numinous in the consulting-room” (published in 2010 in Murray Stein’s “Jungian Psychoanalysis) will be given in the morning as an initial focus for reflection and discussion. The afternoon will provide ample opportunity for in-depth exploration of participants’ clinical needs. Questions to be addressed are: Is spirituality mainly about exalted states – for both therapist and patient – or does ordinary clinical work possess its own numinosity? How might different spiritual orientations impact on the clinic? Is there such a thing as a continuous spiritual attitude akin to Solomon’s continuous ethical stance? What might be the relation of prayer and ordinary clinical work, do they simply belong to different disciplines or might an integration be possible, perhaps as a prayerful therapeutic attitude? If so, what might this involve? Are there any practical ways in which the therapists spiritual attitude might aid the therapeutic process?


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