The 2015 Election So Far: Therapy Thinking and the Political Process

with Professor Andrew Samuels

Friday 17 April 2015  18:45 – 21:30   (Polling day is 17 May)

Location: 7-9 Breams Buildings, London EC4A 1DT / Nearest Station: Chancery Lane

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Andrew writes: I would like to create a space for psychological reflection on the election campaign, with polling day less than three weeks away. The hope is for informed, challenging, opinionated and lively conversation that is not just what any journalist could say, yet also not reductive psychobabble/jargon only interesting to the psy professionals. The questions I can imagine exciting people at this time include: What do elections mean to you (if anything), how are you experiencing this one, and do you agree that politics is about way more than elections?

Andrew Samuels is a psychotherapist, professor, author, campaigner and political consultant with an international reputation. His clinical work blends post-Jungian, relational psychoanalytic and humanistic approaches. He is a member of the Association for Humanistic Psychology and on the Board of Self and Society. Chair UKCP 2009-2012. Co-founder (with Judy Ryde) of Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility. His many books have been translated into 19 languages and include The Political Psyche (1993), Politics on the Couch (2001), Persons, Passions, Psychotherapy, Politics (2014) and A New Therapy for Politics? (forthcoming 2015).

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