Research Study Invitation – Patients/clients post-termination contact

Dear Esteemed Colleagues:

I am currently doing research into the post-termination contact
practices of therapists for my doctoral dissertation and could really
use your assistance in completing my project. The project has received
IRB approval (#030114) from my institution and my dissertation proposal
has been approved. Any licensed mental health professional is welcome
to participate, and all information is collected and recorded
anonymously. The project aims to understand what therapists say to
patients/clients about post-termination contact, therapists’ attitude
toward post-termination contact, as well as to gain insight into which
patients re-contacts therapists, through what medium, and why. The
information you will be asked about includes inquiries into possibly
ethically-questionable behaviors. In an age where communication is
instant and we can be reached in any number of ways quite easily, this
information is critical to our understanding of what happens to the
therapeutic relationship once therapy is over.

I want to thank you in advance for your time and participation.
Although there is no monetary compensation for participation in this
study, your participation actively contributes to an important body of
research regarding the longevity of the therapeutic relationship.

The survey can be found online at:

You have the option to skip any question with which you are not
comfortable, without penalty, and you may stop the survey at any time
also without penalty. I would greatly appreciate your completion of the
questionnaire as well as your help in forwarding this email to as many
therapists as you can. The more responses we receive, the greater our
understanding will grow.

Thank you so much for your help.

With great appreciation,

Sarah Jofen-Miller, MA

Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate
Derner Institute, Adelphi University

Katherine Fiori, PhD
Academic Advisor
Derner Institute, Adelphi University

Sarah Jofen-Miller, MA
Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate
Derner Institute, Adelphi University