Some of these issues are important and pertain to life of this organisation…

Hi Jean,
I guess what’s at stake is that I trust Helena’s work won’t be sidelined before anyone gets chance to read it – you too!

Thanks for answering – I’d like to develop an answer but frankly it’s hard to focus on what is at issue in this seminar : it feels like an exercise in bonding among a small group played out in front of the IAJS membership – as if we are overhearing/reading people whose language we don’t know. No place for ‘outsiders’.

This could just be me but I see Judith having, I think, same trouble and very few others are participating.

Your voice is so fluent and articulate and beautiful, Jean, it’s hard to know where to break in; marybeth had rich and fresh  possibilities but she’s gone quiet. And Peter’s postings probably only for me are full of received ideas and fixed language that I struggle to know how to get at it : I am sure this is my failing but I cannot focus.

I don’t mean either to dismiss Liz’s contributions with references to papers which I’d need to find to see if her summary of what they portend is relevant: but from what she says they target another separate aspect of what the aim seems to be: feeling good about ourselves?? Matts’ contribution too however had much to offer and we could start there to but it was a lot and sort of unconstrained.

This is just my take – and others will jump in complaining (I hope so)

Maybe we need to divide up issues in last days ( not sure when this seminar runs its course) so we can see how it plays out further since I think some of these issues are important and pertain to life of this organisation which most members don’t somehow think is theirs but they’re along for the ride.

As ever, Leslie Gardner