Where is the evidence for evidence-based therapy?

Attached is Jonathan Shedler’s latest salvo in his noble war against “Evidence Based Practices.”

EBP is truly the Emperor Without Clothes.  Yet, driven by the immense financial gain to academic psychologists who develop EBP’s, it is slowly insinuating itself into every corner of psychotherapy in the United States.

I am a post-doctoral Fellow at LA’s Reiss-Davis Child Study Center, a low-fee treatment clinic modeled after Tavistock. It has a rich history. But now the California Dept. of Mental Health will only pay for EBP treatments. Having been trained in one of these treatment modalities I can testify that it is widely ridiculed and ignored by the good clinicians at our clinic. But EBP’s mysteriously just keep their own myth going.

Please read and share this article—particularly with non-Jungians. We need to do what we can to break the hegemony of EBP’s.

Best wishes,
Daniel Anderson
Los Angeles

Shedler (2015) Where is the evidence for evidence-based therapies copy