Conference manuscripts from the recent IAAP/IAJS Yale Conference are welcomed for possible publication.

Dear presenters at the recent IAAP/IAJS conference at Yale University

The International Journal of Jungian Studies, as the journal of the IAJS, welcomes your conference presentations to consider for publication.

To be considered, your paper must be developed into a scholarly article of approximately 7000 words in length (we may consider papers up to 9000 words in special circumstances).  Papers must be formatted in the journal’s house style (for further details on this, please refer to the guidance/instructions for authors at Images can be incorporated into papers, but all permissions for their citation must be obtained at the time of the paper’s submission. Images will be printed in black and white within the paper-copy of the journal, and can be reproduced in colour within the online version of the journal.

Please submit your paper to the journal online at:

Following your submission, your paper will undergo an initial review before a decision is made as to whether it will be sent for blind review by external readers. Following their report a decision will be made on whether your paper can be accepted for publication.
There is no deadline.

Luke Hockley & Lucy Huskinson Editors-inChief IJJS