Mind-controlled movie: a quantum leap for cinema?

Watching a movie has traditionally been a largely passive experience.

But what if the person watching could influence what happens on-screen via their brainwaves?

An experimental short-film called ‘Scanners’ aims to create a platform that bridges the gap between digital arts and neuroscience.

While the platform was developed to explore a possible new dimension of visual art, Ramchurn says the system is the perfect device for exploring dreams because it brings a person’s subconscious to the forefront, visualizing it in front of their eyes. He added that scientists are close to developing a device that is capable of making detailed recordings of a dream.

More… http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/08/19/us-mind-cinema-idUSKCN0QO17020150819?feedType=RSS&feedName=technologyNews

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