New – Frank N. McMillan, Jr., Institute for Jungian Studies. USA.

We are proud to announce the creation of the Frank N. McMillan, Jr., Institute for Jungian Studies at The Jung Center in Houston, Texas.

Beginning this fall, the Institute will host local and online educational experiences that advance C.G. Jung’s exploration of the frontiers of the human soul.

The Institute is the new home of the Fay Lectures, which were hosted by Texas A&M University for two decades and resulted in the fine series of books that includes Integrity in Depth by John Beebe, The Archetypal Imagination by James Hollis, Ethics and Analysis by Luigi Zoja, Madness and Creativity by Ann Ulanov, and many other essential titles. Texas A&M University Press intends to continue publishing new titles in this series. We will welcome Tom Elsner to Houston the weekend of April 15-16, 2016, to deliver the next Fay Lectures.

The McMillan Institute will host several events this fall, including an inaugural lecture by Ron Schenk, “Jung and the Postmodern Era,” on Nov. 19. This lecture will be recorded and streamed online. To learn more about our upcoming offerings, please visit The Jung Center’s website at

As the McMillan Chair at Texas A&M University, our colleague (and frequent contributor to this list) David Rosen made profound contributions to international Jungian scholarship. No expression of gratitude could adequately acknowledge the impact of his decades of leadership. He has been a mentor and friend, and The Jung Center is honored to continue his legacy through this Institute.

In a separate note, we will announce the creation of a new position, the McMillan Institute Scholar. This part-time position will be responsible for coordinating the Fay Lectures, editing those manuscripts, and managing The Jung Page ( our online resource for Jungian psychology. The work of the McMillan Scholar will not require relocating to Houston.

We invite your ideas and passion for the future of Jungian studies and the possibilities of this new Institute, which we will be creating together as a community.

Best regards from Houston –

Sean Fitzpatrick, PhD

Executive Director

The Jung Center |