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“On the Doorstep of the Castle”—An exploration into the role of the feminine in spiritual, political, and relational realms illustrated through the Story of Teresa of Avila: Elizabeth Clark-Stern with Bonnie Bright for Depth Insights™.

Elizabeth Clark-Stern, M.A., L.M.H.C
Elizabeth Clark-Stern, M.A., L.M.H.C

Elizabeth is hosting the free online book club on Depth Psychology Alliance in October 2015:

Most people come into therapy when something has gone wrong in their lives. A tragic loss, divorce, or an unexpected turn of events can trigger feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety, or the inability to feel anything beyond a numb emptiness. This can lead to harmful behaviors such as eating disorders, depression, alcoholism, working too much, playing too little.

In families everyone is affected by crisis or change, often creating new behaviors and roles, such as a teenager who becomes the “parenting child” following  a divorce.  Many couples experience disappointment when they discover the man or woman of their dreams is very human, with the same flaws they disliked in their own parents.

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